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Thread: Pulling 220 Into the Garage

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    Pulling 220 Into the Garage

    *Putting this post here because the Shop and Tools thread is here. Move it as you like.

    Looking for someone who is an electrician to shed a little light on this for me.

    I want to bring 220 into my garage.
    I plan on putting a 100a sub-panel in the garage.
    Here's where I'm stuck...
    I have a compressor that runs on 220 that's not hooked up yet.
    It's 6.5hp start, 3hp running and 15amp.
    My preference is to plug it in.
    I'm stuck on what plug I need. It's easy to find a plug and receptacle to meet the 15a spec but I'm wondering about the hp spec. Can I run a plug and receptacle that's only rated for 2hp? i.e. NEMA L6-30P? Because I can't seem to locate anything rated 3hp let alone 6 or 7hp (I'm sure it's out there but maybe a commercial product).
    Do I have to run it without a plug?
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    No one chiming in, so I'll put my .02cents in. Check the max. amperage on the compressor thats what matters. Then go and pick a plug rated for 220 and the amperage you need. There are alot of different types out there. but also consider if you need to plug in a welder in the same plug, you might want to run bigger wire and plug if needed. I would suggest a separate plug for the welder too. I sincerly hope this helps a little. You could hard wire it in if you want to save some coin, be sure to use BX for the run from the box to the compressor.It will limit your ability to move it any distance.I used this and left a few extra feet on the BX cable. BX is the aluminum covered wires. It uses special clamps and stapes
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    pm for you me
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    just get a 220 20A plug, you dont need a welder plug for an air comp. they sell all diffrent ratings at the local HH.
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    Use a 12/2 Conductor Armoured Cable Trade name is Bx with the appropriate l16 connectors also use a 20 amp breaker and also use a l620R which is a 20 amp 250 volt twist lock receptacle mounted in a 11/10 box . Connect the compressor to the receptable with some SJO cab tire which is a heavy duty form of rubber extension cordvuse 3 wire #12 . Use a cord end or plug that is 20 amp and 240 volts mathing the twist lock receptacle l620R . Remember to use the correct 2 screw connector on the cab tire on the compressor junction box. I hope this helps if you have any further questions feel free to message me at as i am a licensed Electrician.

    Good Luck....


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