As per the post in Ask The Officer section,

The OF4WD now has a Trail Index map showing trails that are legal to use. We personally check these trails legality through multiple means depending on the area geographically. Some trails on our map have some private land on them however the federation has understanding with local land owners as per its use. We check all these trails once a year against different maps to ensure something hasn’t changed. In addition people from the community can report any signage they encounter or ask about a trails legality through a “submit a trail Report” program or “Submit a New Trail” via

The map is not available to the general 4WD community as we have been counselled not to do so from a liability standpoint. We need to protect the members and volunteers from liability as the OF4WD is a not for profit organization where nobody receives an income and solely runs from volunteer hours. Paid membership to the federation allows its members and the corporation to be insured which protects land owners, other trail users and ourselves. The OF4WD also has an educational component for members accessing the map which ensures that the tread lightly principles are taught and followed while respecting the lands, other trail users, and property owners.

The OF4WD mandate is to maintain access to the public lands for the entire 4WD community, regardless of membership status. However, we appreciate your support through membership and volunteerism as the community grows from year to year. If you ever need some help with trails in your area please feel free to contact us via