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Thread: One way streets verses two way streets

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    One way streets verses two way streets

    May sound silly,but I am getting involved in local politics in Midland on the reconstruction of roadways. The street I am living on in under review for total reconstruction starting next year. Under a safety point of view would a one way street be advantages over a two way street? Like I said may sound silly to some but a perspective from a person in your position could help.

    Thank-you in advance
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    Hmmmm, I haven't ever really thought of one way streets like that. Personally I think that it would be a downside living on a one way street. I mean if every time you went to leave to go somewhere in town, if you had to go the opposite way to which you wanted each time wouldn't it grow tiresome?

    I think people would disobey the one way a lot, especially if they were used to it being two way.

    These are all of course just my opinions. Perhaps a thread in "off topic" would elicit some experiences from those who may have lived on one way streets.

    Just a thought....

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