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Thread: SAVE: Warning other drivers of speed traps, etc?

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    SAVE: Warning other drivers of speed traps, etc?

    Is this against the law? Is there anything you could be charged with?

    Example - You pass an officer in (or out of) his vehicle doing speed checks with radar, as a courtesy to others you flash your high beams (or somehow signal) to oncoming drivers as a warning of the "speed trap" they are about to encounter and they are able to slow down before being caught over the speed limit.

    Could this be considered something like "obstruction" or anything like that? If the other driver is going over the limit and does slow down, you are preventing the police from catching somebody breaking the law, ultimately preventing them from doing their job.

    Just curious...thanks in advance...
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    that question was asked of 'ask a cop' on y108 the other week and the answer was no, they really don't care how you slow down just as long as you slow down.
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    Re: SAVE: Warning other drivers of speed traps, etc?

    I have never heard of any charges as you describe for "flashing" lights warning of an upcoming radar program.

    I would be cautious of flashing your high beams after dark though, I suppose that could be a potential charge.
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    Years ago, I did get pulled over by a under cover officer as I had done this, and flashed him. I was warning the oncoming cars of police ahead on the side of the road. Turns out they were setting up a RIDE check, and I was given a stern talking too and thats about it.
    Looking back, it was a dumb move, however I didnt realize they were setting up a ride program, I was warning of the police on the side of the road, as they were over a hill. I would never warn of a RIDE program, if your drunk and driving, I hope you get caught.
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