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Thread: **33s on a 4 inch lift**

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    **33s on a 4 inch lift**

    I just bought an 02 Jeep TJ Sahara with a 4 inch lift and 33s. I got it pre-safetied and I was told that it only needed front-bearings, and rear brakes, I then went to another mechanic to finish the safety and I was told that the tires were too big... I finally went to my friends shop and he told me that the tires were fine.

    I'm just wondering is there any specific regulation on tire size in Ontario, will I be ticketed or pulled over? 2 of the 3 mechanics never said anything about the tires, that is the reason why I feel it is fine.

    Reason for posting in the build up is because I'm new here, and I think this is related.

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    Re: **33s on a 4 inch lift**

    I run 33 inch tires on my xj and I haven't been pulled over and I know that there are Alot of people on here that run bigger the 35's on the street so you will be fine

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    I got pulled over a few years back on my way back from picking up my new tires (35's 12.5) she pulled me over because of my tires.. after a few minutes of waiting for her to get out of her car she came out and was checking under my jeep with a flash light. I got out and asked her if there was something wrong? she told me that it was NOT agaisnt the law for having bigger tires as long as they wernt rubbing on anything (lucky my tires wernt turn all the way since they hit my control arms on full turn lol) she told me that they cant be smaller then factor.

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