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Thread: TJ daily driver in winter feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamus View Post
    The gas may pay for the tranny in your other vehicle in a short time..........
    11 L/100km isn't bad at all.

    My in-law's Ford Escape gets that, and I don't think anyone would hesitate to use a Ford Escape for a longer winter commute.

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    All good points. I spent the weekend cleaning both outside and inside of my frame and also the underbody. Plan is to have it Krown'd tomorrow but might have to wait until Wednesday until it dries up a little.

    My torrent is the GXP model (270) with AWD. Got between 10 and 11L/100km depending on how I drove, will miss the comfort and heated seats but the difference in mileage is pretty minor. My previous VW rabbit (2007) was between 9-10L/100km with 2.5L gasser. Won't drive one of those again. I Have considered the TDI swap for my jeep but my 2.5 is pretty close mileage to anything I've read about the diesel swap without the headaches and expense of the swap.
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