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Thread: Winter Tire Sizes

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    Winter Tire Sizes

    My wife's 2011 Chryler T&C Minivan is in serious need of new tires and given the season change and that I have a set of aftemarket rim and tirwes that will fit it I want to put Winters on her stock 16" rims.

    Factory calls for a 235/60/16. They have already been replaced with an AllSeason 225/65/16 by the previous owner.
    I have gotten quotes from tire craft for a 235/60 and a 215/65 tire.

    I have a set of 215/55/16 Winters from her previous car.
    Is going from the suggested 235-225-215/65 to a 215/55 to much of a jump. I'm not sure on tire jumps on this car and normally would not think 2x on a jeep!

    In consideration to the new versious current size comparison.
    Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference
    225/65-16 5.8in 13.8in 27.5in 86.4in 733 0.0%
    215/55-16 4.7in 12.7in 25.3in 79.5in 797 -8.0%

    Do this would save 600.00+ dollars!
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    I use the Miata .net calculator for tire comparisons.
    The white outline will be your stock size and the black inlay is your new tire. With a 235/60 to a 215/55 it doesn't look like any clearance issues but it will throw off your speedo and I've heard of ABS problems, but that could just be using mismatched at the same time.

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    Crappy tire has goodyear snows the correct size at $120 a piece and sell the ones you have.....that's the route I would go.

    27.1 factory versus 25.3 on your snows....there's an inch and a half much on a minivan IMHO
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    Don't just factor in tire size difference.

    Also remember that load and speed ratings have a play on vehicles.

    Don't change tire size to save a couple bucks.

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