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Thread: another xj 2x6 tube rocker build

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    I plan to go full length with my new rockers (I have to) but I'll be tucking the front part in behind the front fender bottoms. Apart from drainage, it gives various options on the type of flares that can be used. I still have the originals plus a set of Bushwackers and TJ Rubicons (1" wider) - not sure which looks best. I may even fabricate some flat steel ones. A lot depends on what lift and tire size I go with.

    I'm not sure yet about using 1"x0.125" flat bar. I will be adding braces from the underside of the rockers back to the uni-body frame rails. There are lots of ways of doing it. I just need to pick one or come up with whatever works for me.

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    charlie Guest

    another xj 2x6 tube rocker build

    another Sami build . If you need any stock parts give me a PM before going to the dealer, I have a few boxes of stuff including, blocks, heads, carbs, ect.

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