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Thread: Stickies on the road?

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    Stickies on the road?

    Would you run stickies on the road? Not DOT approved aside, i am considering the 40" Trepadors but am questioning the fact that they are stickies and i intend on driving the TJ still on the road from time to time.
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    No problem driving them on the road on a relatively light vehicle. Just remember that they aren't really highway rated and are manufactured accordingly. They have a very soft compound and pliable carcass. They are going to build a lot more heat as a result. I would not be concerned about those tires on a heep but a heavier vehicle could be an issue. But sticky treps aren't cheap and they are going to lead a short life with street time. It's almost worth running a 2nd set of tires for the street and stickies for the trail.
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    I thought you could get Trep stickies that were DOT? And they made the KOH EMC rule people's heads explode?

    Edit; You can, M8060 for instance is available in a 37" or 40" bias but it's only speed rated L (75 mph/120 km/hr). But, they ain't cheap.
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