Not really a question for the insurance section more a question for the people.

Ive been searching for weeks and am more confused and still empty handed... I was planning on making a trip to some trails around south river this year but I have an unfit jeep I trailer everywhere. I usually go to bundy hill but its getting a bit boring and would like to change up the scenery.

My question is simple, who has their jeep/buggy licensed with a green plate and how do you insure it?

Im confused because you need insurance on your jeep to ride on trails but if your insurance company knew you were on the trails your insurance would be void anyway so whats the point of having insurance. Obviously you would need insurance to drive on the road and you have a pink insurance card to show an officer on the trail if pulled over but how does this work on the trail if its void if you tried to use it.

I understand ALL of the HTA rules and regs and having to wear a helmet with a green plate.

Soooo......who has done this????