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Thread: Jeep Cherokee Junkyard Lift

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    Jeep Cherokee Junkyard Lift

    I just pick a 98 cherokee didn't pay alot for it. I just want to put a cheap lift so i can put 33x12.5x15 on it (if I can). I was think of doing the F150 coils or the Grand Cherokee V8 coils with spacer with the S10 leafs in it. just want to know if i had to change anything more in the front end? or can i leave stock.

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    Adjustable track bar made for a little lift. I did similar setup on my 98 and found I needed it to track.
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    I ran zj coils with an 2nd stock coil isolator rubber and a rubicon express add a leaf in my '91. About 2.5-3" lift and all the metel trimming I could do. Also hammered over all the inner fender seams. I Extended the rubber bump stops till the tires wouldn't get chewed, but let them rub the factory flares. I also gutted the flares, and trimmed the inside plastic lip out. The front flares I raised, and flipped wich side they went on after moving them up.

    At around 3", or less lift in the front you can re-drill a hole in the factory axle track bar bracket. This will re centre the front. I reinforced mine with a welded plate just because I ended up ovaling the hole out to get the bolt back in.

    Extend the brake lines by moving down the brackets. If your hard lines are rotten, this will probably crack them when moving. If you make new hardlines you can move them even lower. Make sure there not stretched at full drop when your done.

    I have an old thread on here called XJ budget hack that has pictures of some of this stuff. I ran a few different sizes of 33" tires without issues.
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    I'd do ZJ coils with a spacer before running springs from a half-ton truck. They are known to ride rough in our lightweight little XJs
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