Hello again,

You know the story.....cheap, bored, etc.....

I wanted a bolt on, above-mirror mount for my CB, so I found some ideas and shamelessly copied them!

Here it is all bent up and with the mounting cross piece welded on. (it's made out of 1/8 x 1 1/2" mild steel, $9 at C-tire for 5')
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Throw on some paint and mount it in.
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It attaches to the same holes that the footman loop attaches to. The plastic trim piece gently pulls straight down giving good access for wires and getting at the two T25 torx bolts that hold the loop on. (pro tip= make sure your mount doesn't come in between the loop and the bodywork or you will upset the relationship between the loop and your roof closer swivel thingies....also make sure that the mount itself isn't sticking too far out of the trim or you won't be able to swivel the roof closer swivel thingies and secure your roof!) I also made the horizontal piece a bit longer and with a curl-up at the end to act as a cord hook.

Of course their needs to be an antenna mount, so I fabbed one up out of 1/4" scrap I had laying around. Regular old mounting area one the tire holder as a custom bumper/tire carrier is in the works.
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I also wanted to post up a quick shot of where I went through the firewall for the battery power. There is a hole filled with expanding foam in behind the passenger side, side dash panel. Carefully pry it out with a small flathead and pokey-pokey you're in the engine bay. I added to both the ground and the power wire to make sure there was no stress on any of the wires. My middle finger is pointing to the bolt that I used as a ground.
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Hope you guys like it and I hope it inspires someone else to save some money!