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Thread: Picked up 95 yj on friday

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    Picked up 95 yj on friday

    First vehicle, been wanting a yj for a long long time. Here she is!! 322xxx kms. Bone stock except bumpers, 1.5 inch lift, 31's and an aftermarket exhaust. Steering is tight, been owned by the po for 16 years (jeep is 19 years old!!).

    The po undercoated her every year so there is NO rust on the underside. Floors are solid and so are fenders except a little tiny spot on each side around the upward sloping part of the fender flares the size of an expensive watch head. No big deal.

    Has a bestop soft top in okay condition but i have a hard top. Full doors coming soon along with the already received rear seat and seatbelts with hardware (thx cowboy).

    Etest passed with flying colours, 150 psi on every cylinder, she's at a shop for safety in hamilton. Few minor details like gauge lights, speedo isn't working, parking break and rear low beams.

    More pics soon! Have my eye on 4 inches of lift and 4.10 geared axles from a 4 banger yj but need the budget for the other misc stuff and safety before all the mods come.
    "Stephanie", the 95 yj 4.0, 1.5" lift & 31's. I gave that ditch a jeep. Ditches love jeeps.
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    Ive got a buddy close (milton) with a parts yj. If you ever need anything he has lots for it, axles complete from a 4 banger as well.

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