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Thread: Wheel Spacer Size Needed for 33" Tires on 15" Rims.

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    Wheel Spacer Size Needed for 33" Tires on 15" Rims.

    I have some stock rims w. 33" tires. What would be the minimum sized spacer I'd need to be able to run the 33" tires on a 98 TJ with 2.5" suspension lift?

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    what stock rims do you have? most are 15x7 with 5.5 inches of backspacing.
    most tj's use 15x8 with 3.75 backspacing, and rub slightly on the control arm at full turn.
    therefor i would say you need at the very least, a 1.75 inch spacer, but you should use a 2 inch just to keep those tires away from the stock stamped control arms.

    but for the price of spacers, you wouldn't spend much more on a set of 8 inch steelies with the proper offset/backspacing and not have to worry about spacers.
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    Wheel Spacer Size Needed for 33" Tires on 15" Rims.

    Go with rims, spacers are a pain, and as noted above won't cost you much more.

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    I say rims as well. Spacers, depending on which you get may need to tightened from time to time. I know when I was looking, I was told to say away from them, and bought rims with an offset. Steel rims shouldn't be too pricey

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