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Thread: Cleaning the garage!

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    Cleaning the garage!

    Have a few odd ball items

    -Wither tires 235/75R15 Toyo open contry g-02plus.. Had them installed on my tj and the engine kicked the bucket payed 700$+tax asking 400$ (On jeep for 2 months)
    -jeep Yj add a leaf 2.5"lift payed 250$+tax&ship askng 200$
    -tj 4 inch pitman arm, got it with my lift kit but already had one so never used it 75$
    -spare tj starter 4L 25$ iv had it for 4 years never used it so sold As is
    -xj 95 af compresser, was thinking of doing an air compresser with it but never got around to it 20$ as is

    Cell number 613-585-0107

    Located in petawaw on

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    Compressor still up for grabs? i can come and pick it up tomorrow

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