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Thread: 02 Yukon P0300 and bad running

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    02 Yukon P0300 and bad running

    Friday I was out on lunch in my '02 Yukon. As I was returning to work I tromped on the gas and my truck fell hard on it's face, shuddering, bucking and barely idling. Through a P0300 random misfire code.
    Thought it maybe an intake manifold leak but carb cleaner hose down didnít find any vac leaks.
    Any ideas where to start before I bring it in. I would probe myself a little more but just don't have time and I need it diagnosed as I need my truck.
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    had the same thing a few weeks ago, ran some lucas injector cleaner through it and it cleared up

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    Google-fu forum link says MAP, MAF, plug, wire, injector or fuel pressure regulator on driverside fuel rail. Easy enough to check all
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