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Thread: Year old JK biggest POS I've ever seem

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    Year old JK biggest POS I've ever seem

    Yep issue number 7 hapenned tonight and I'm soo done with this POS need to melt it down and make a Kia out of it! bought it off the lot with 9 kms always dealer maintained on time 2014 full optioned sahara unlimited
    1 engine light on oil pressure switch
    2 tailgate stopper bangs when opening
    3 heater unit turns on full blast for 20 seconds on any setting when first start vehicle
    4 LF fender paint flaked off
    5 driver seat base squeak nonstop over ever bump every stop new base still on back order
    6 engine bog stepping on throttle air cleaner clogged up?? Ya on our mall crawler sees maybe one dirt road a year
    7 major oil leak everywhere under it and leaking all over driveway
    Having lots of fun being a regular at my dealership salesman still trying to get me to buy a new ecodiesel ram after tonight I will never buy another FCA product

    Update we are on defect number 13 with 60k on the clock lol loving every bit of it
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    2014 Sahara Unlimited
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