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Thread: Fender Regs

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    Fender Regs

    Hi Folks! FINALLY getting started on getting my ride into 'rig' status... 4" lift going on, 1.5" spacers to widen the track some, have the Warn stubby front bumper and winch already on. Wanna get rid of the GA OEM fenders. Has anyone run afoul of the law here in Southern ON with the Flat Fender mod? Let me know, if you would... Thanks!

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    The only parts that would get you in trouble with the law are removing the front side lights and not putting a replacement and if your tires stick out and you don't have mud flaps. Both technically illegal and you run the risk of getting a ticket.

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    Fender Regs

    The safety regs have been revised, no part of the tread can stick out past the body or femders/mud flaps... Technically. Now does that mean to the front, to the rear, over the top.... Who knows. Chance are if you go with fenders that are as wide or wider then stock they will leave you alone.
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