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Thread: Reported Post in : Compact tractor - Iseki TX1500 / Bolens G172

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    Reported Post in : Compact tractor - Iseki TX1500 / Bolens G172

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    Thread : Compact tractor - Iseki TX1500 / Bolens G172

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXRACER#2
    $2300 w/grading blade.

    17hp diesel. 2wd. Strong compared to current tractor hp ratings. New clutch last year, new water pump and spare pump, completely rewired, new ignition switch, new lights, new glow plugs. Rad completely de-calcified and small seam leak silver soldered (not tin - silver). Fully pressure tested and ran for over a year. Temp gauge added. 3 speed pto with pto safety cover for when not in use. Rear 3 ph rated at 838lbs lift. Front weight box added. Suspension seat new 2 years ago. This is a workhorse and plows snow like a champ. I actually think this is more powerful than my 20hp Kubota. Had to manufacture weight box for additional weight to help keep the thing from doing wheelies with the pallet lift on at full capability.

    Will include rear blade. Rear tire chains may be available at extra cost. I can replicate the pallet forks at additional cost if desired. Any attachments you require (non-powered) can be manufactured for additional cost.

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