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    Built yj

    1995 jeep yj 185,000km 4L

    Iam the second owner. Have owned it for 10 years. Built to off-road but still is street legal for a Sunday drive or to and from the trails. It is plated and insured. Very sad to see it go but Iam just not using enough to justify keeping it. This is a solid jeep no rust hasn't seen winter In a very long time and its built properly not just thrown together it has taken years and about 20k to get to how it sit. Drives straight and true down the road. Can go 120km down the road with one hand on the wheel unlike most lifted jeeps.

    Only gonna list some of the mods as it would be to much to write all.Best to come look at it

    37inch MTR Kevlar
    High steer
    Custom high clearance skid plate
    Danna 44 front
    Ford8.8 rear
    513 Yukon gears
    Locked front and rear
    Soild diff covers.
    3 link front. Spring over rear
    Full cage and corbeau seats
    On board air
    Electric fans
    Plus lots more

    Asking $9000

    Call for details 4168914495

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    Saw this in person and wanted to chime in on the quality of construction and overall fit and finish. It's in great shape.

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