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Thread: 03 TJ Front Pipe

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    03 TJ Front Pipe

    Anyone know where you can get a decent price on the front pipe for 03 TJ 4.0L.....UAP wants 631.00.........I see Wrench Monkey in Etobicoke sells it for 439.00?
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    No matter where you get it from your going to pay large because of the two spun cats, so I would say either repair what you have since it's already stainless or have a new stainless collector made which will cost you around the same money as buying a crap aluminized one from most auto parts stores...

    Also be sure the one for $600+ has all 3 cats or just the front 2 as some offer it ONLY as a Full kit and some do not, so be sure you know what your buying as the $400 one might not be a deal it is just the 2 cats and the other one is all 3 cats...
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