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    I was on autotrader looking at some jeeps and saw a 2004 'wrangler' for $3400 cert.
    It had a winch and a nice bush bar, a hard top and a roof rack. Was very tempting.

    I contacted the guy and got this back:
    "> Hello,
    > Got ur reply about my 2004 Jeep Wrangler and i confirm that the vehicle is still for sale for $3300.
    > It's a 2004 year model in great condition with only 112000 kms,automatic transmission,gasoline fuel type.
    > With A/C,radio & cd,airbags,abs,alarm.
    > Everything works fine,no liens.
    > Safetied and e tested.
    > I'm getting rid of my vehicle cuz i no longer use it since i traveled out for a job contract and i left the vehicle to a family friend who was keeping it since a few months but he called me some days ago and said that he's moving out of the province and he can't any longer keep the vehicle.
    > I don't have anyone else around who will be keeping it for me for all those long years so i decided to sell it quickly at a low price to get rid of it.
    > The vehicle is currently with a private truck driver and he's the one in the charge of the sale and of the delivery as well.
    > I spoke with the trucker and told him i found someone who's buying it and he's requesting ur details and address so that he will bring the car and all its paperwork to ur driveway with no cost at u and once the car is brought to you,you will test drive it,check the papers with the ministry of transportation and if everything checks out u will take the car and settle the payment of the $3300 to become the new owner of this nice vehicle.
    > Get back to me with ur following details and address and i'll forward them to the delivery guy and he will get in touch with u to set up a time for the delivery and the vehicle will be brought to u asap:
    > Full name:............../City:................./Post code:................./House address:................./Phone #:..................
    > I'll be waiting to hear from u asap."

    I told him that it sounds like a scam and the funny thing is that now the jeep is no longer on autotrader..

    anyway.. just a warning to keep an eye open for the scammers out there. I'm betting that the vehicle was stolen or who knows what the deal was.
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    Agreed, I have seen many of these. The first red flag is the poor use of grammar. Second-the long winded story. Most of my vehicle transaction emails are less than 3 sentences each.

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    sounds fishy to me

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    Or buddy the trucker shows up in the night at your address and jacks one of your vehicles never to be seen again.

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    Probably the guy takes out 12 credit cards in your name and maxes them out more likely.
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    There are TONS of ads like that on Autotrader. It's become a dumping ground for scams (er wait it always has been!)
    This and dealers advertising their ads as private sellers so they don't have to pay.
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