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Thread: Autobody Supplies: Masking Paper/Plastic

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    Question Autobody Supplies: Masking Paper/Plastic

    I've bought some Por-15 and Raptor Liner, and I was wondering the following:

    1. What would you use product wise to mask of overspray areas: Paper/Plastic, Namebrand or cheap stuff?
    2. Where could I get ahold of the above products for a decent price in the GTA?

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    I own a print shop in Vaughan. We commonly use the backer from vinyl graphics as drop sheets and paint mask. As you mentioned there are certainly better more professional options but with the material being a coated paper - it takes quite a bit of paint before it leaches through. Material is 54" in width and up to 100' in length (depending on the lamination run we're doing.) Let me know if I can help you out with some of this backer paper.

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