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Thread: WJ Rocker upgrade?

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    WJ Rocker upgrade?

    Hello all,
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee (rare 4lt quadra drive) and the rockers are starting to go. I was hoping to do some light wheeling, get bigger tires, small lift, etc. Before I upgraded anything, I wanted to have a solid base. I've seen a rocker, rock slider type, upgrade kit (like this

    I basically did it myself on my old 2dr xj, which I miss very much. The only reason I had to let go of it was because I had a kid and needed something better suited (4dr).

    Has anyone done this on a WJ?
    Is it worth it? I don't mind spending $1,000-$1,500 to keep it for a few more years.
    Or would I be better off finding a better, less rusty, jeep?
    Is there anyone out there willing to do this for me?
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    Only you can say if it's worth it or not. Modifying a car is almost always a terrible financial proposition. However it the jeep is worth it to you than it seems like a good bet. I suspect any of the local shops could install a kit like that for you. Closest to you would be CT Motorsports, stanggs fab, and Just Jeeps. A bit further away would be trailhead customs in the west and Rockspyder in the east.

    Any of those places would take good care of you.
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    I'm no expert on beating things up but those don't look as strong as what you did on your XJ. I think you used 2"x6" tubing ... can't remember the wall thickness. Those appear to be open across the top. Even a less rusty WJ rockers won't take much of a beating so I'd go with what you have assuming you're happy with the rest of the Jeep.

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    WJ Rocker upgrade?

    I had a local (Ottawa) Metal Fab shop cover up my rusty rockets on my WJ with 3/16" steel. They charged $500 and they are pretty solid. I'm happy with it.

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