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Thread: 2005 jeep tj 4.0L dash gauge lights flashing ?!?! Only half the dash ?

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    2005 jeep tj 4.0L dash gauge lights flashing ?!?! Only half the dash ?

    So about the beginning of the summer I noticed my gas light (all my bulbs are factory and are red ) was flickering on and off sporadically.
    After about a month I noticed on the opposite side of the dash the coolant light started to flash
    Followed by the temp gauge
    And now half of the main spedo is flashing randomly.
    ALL GAUGES WORK just the BACKLIGHTS FLASH. I checked harness outside jeep in the engine bay and nothing is pinched . Tomorrow I will take dash apart and inspect wires .

    If the bulbs were bad and shot for 4 months now they wouldn't be flickering right??? they just go out I'd assume ? I don't want there to be a electrical issue .... i am attaching pics to show issue please help EXTREMELY annoying . Click image for larger version. 

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    sounds like either a ground or loose connection...
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    Probably a flaky connection at the back of the dash or corrosion in the gauge cluster. Pull it and start looking for green.
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    Pull the dash out and bend the tabs on the light sockets a bit. When the lights were changes to red, they may have bent a little on reinstall.
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