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Thread: Did a oil change . Mixed 2 10w-30s together and used new filter

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    Did a oil change . Mixed 2 10w-30s together and used new filter HIGH PRESSURE

    Hey guys so I did a oil change last night .
    I have usually used fram or a regular Mobil 1 filter and Pennzoil 10w-30

    I went and got a Mobil 1 high mileage filter that says it's food for like 20k or something so I thought it give it a whirl. I got a 5L jug of Pennzoil 10w-30 thinking I had a extra at home but I didn't .
    I noticed I had a jug of 10w-30 from a Mobil 1 newer vehicle formula jug . So I took .9L out of that and used it as well .

    My probl3m right now is since I did the change the pressure gauge doesn't stay at the centre unless I'm dead stop idle and if I'm driving 50km or 110km the gauge is half way between centre and the next line and it has a weird hooning sound I've never hear before now . I can't describe it but let's just say it's no loud but it's only there under acceleration .

    Now my jeep every time I do a oil change . I put in minimum 5.7 max 5.9 because every time I change it I only get like 4.8-5L drained out of it . Idk if its burning oil or whatever but I know I don't have a gasket on my opda and I loose a little it there but I doubt almost whole litre .

    PLEASE HELP IN DRIVING 7 HOURS straight next Friday with my gf and I can't have high pressure issues!! Going 110km whole way
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