hey guys, as you all know i've been asking a lot of questions lately , AND i promise this is my final one for the next couple months.

i'm going on my long trip this weekend and want everything to run smoothly. I want to change my coolant/rad hoses, and thermostat/gasket before i go away on friday. i went to the dealer and got ther 195 thermostat/gasket. and at carquest i got the ZEROX g-05 stuff
purchased to date;
1 gallon concentrate
1 gallon 50/50 to top up so i don't gotta worry about ratio mixtures etc.
5 gallons of distilled water.
for flushing

I WANT TO FLUSH ENTIRE SYSTEM not just drain the rad and refill and only actually change 1/3 of the system fluid doing that. I CANNOT find a full start to finish write up of the block flush/heater core flush . i find a million on the jk and the only ones for the TJ involve the FLUSH kit from preston to cut hoses and stuff and use your garden hose which would be bad because of the minerals in it rather using distilled and cutting hosses.

i have heard about people draining the rad like 4 to 5 times and each time the dilution gets less and less coolant and more distilled. but my only question is . if i do this 4 times and i drain the rad the system still has 2/3 of water in the block so how do i get a even 50/50 mixture if i don't drain blocks fluid. i am willing to attack any job on any vehicle if i got a write up to follow. i have read to many people with issues that mess there heater core up or something trying to back flush and i cant run into these issues as i got 5 days till my trip.PLEASE somebody provide a link or step by step best method to do a coolant drain/flush so i can get the old crap out . OR ill give somebody a case of beer to help me just get it done with and teach me.