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Thread: 2016 jeep jk clutch slave cylinder

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    2016 jeep jk clutch slave cylinder

    Hey guys
    I'm stumped on what happening with my jeep as it doesn't make sense. There is water leaking from the top of my clutch slave cylinder. It's not brake fluid and it's not coming off the tranny anywhere. It's at the top of the slave cylinder that it's coming out from. There is a little slot up there and it's dripping out pretty badly. I still have lots of pedal on my clutch.
    I'm stumped as to why there would be water coming out. I would understand if it's a faulty slave cylinder then brake fluid would be coming out but why water? It makes no sense.

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    You are likely seeing condensation from your A/C system as the compressor works even when your not using the air because the defrost uses the A/C compressor
    to aid in defrosting your windows... I can not see any way water can or would be coming out of the slave cylinder...
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