Hey guys Iím having trouble with my 05 Jeep Tj. On Halloween night I took it out for a drive to the mall and when I went to leave the mall it wouldnít start at all. Thereís no clicking or nothing coming from the starter. I managed to bump start it and got it home. I pulled the starter off today and tested it and it wasnít working. So I bought a new one and installed it and it was clicking so I let my battery charge some more and plugged the block heater in to let it warm up. Now when I try to start it thereís nothing. No clicking it just sort of hums. I canít figure out what it is. I have a winch and compressor hooked up to my battery as well. I also have the clutch interlock removed and a fuse put in its place behind the peddle. Iíve heard this might screw up the ECM. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks