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    FAQ Technical

    My gauges quit and my airbag light came on.
    This is a common problem on early TJ's. You will find a good fix here

    How can I get a Factory "Build Sheet" for my Jeep? .
    Go to and click on "Contact Us." Then click on the Customer Assistance email link for your part of the world. Fill out the email form and in the body of the message, request a build sheet for your Jeep, including the VIN. DC will respond within a few days with a list of all equipment that was on your Jeep when it left the factory.

    Can I change my ring & pinion myself? .
    You will hear many different opinions on ring and pinion installs. Some say it must be done by a professional, others say its not that tough to do. Labor costs seem to range anywhere from $200-$400 per axle, with parts in the $200 per axle range. Special tools such as bearing pullers, dial indicator, dial caliper, torque wrench and torque wrench are the minimum required for a correct install. Tolerances are critical and must be set correctly for a quiet running gearset that won't burn up on you.

    What's the difference between a locker and a limited slip? .
    A Limited Slip Differential, or an LSD, is a traction aid that is most often clutch or gear driven. A simple explanation is that as a wheel starts to slip/spin the LSD detects this and transfers "some" power to the wheel that is not slipping/spinning. LSD's are usually fairly well mannered on the street. A locker, on the other hand, essentially locks an axle together for and allows full power to both wheels. Lockers usually have at least some negative driving characteristics when on the street.

    What is backspacing? .
    The distance from the inner edge of the wheel to the hub mount pad. Note: Sometimes the distance from the outer edge of the wheel to the hub mount pad is referred erroneously to as offset. BE CAREFUL!

    What is wheel offset? .
    OFFSET - The distance from the centerline to the hub mount pad (where the wheel attaches to the hub). POSITIVE OFFSET - The hub-mounting surface is toward the front or wheel side of the wheel. NEGATIVE OFFSET - The hub mounting surface is toward the back or brake side of the wheels centerline.

    Vibes (wheel shimmy, vibes, SYE's, death wobble) .

    What's an SYE? .
    A slip yoke eliminator replaces the slip style yoke that came on almost all TJs & YJs with a fixed yoke and (usually) a CV style drive shaft with a slip built in. This reduces driveline vibes common with lifted Jeeps and steep driveline angles.

    Will I get vibes after my lift? (Do I need an SYE?) .
    This is not a cut and dry question/answer. The safest answer is: wait and see. Prepare ahead of time; have enough money saved to buy a slip yoke eliminator in case you end up needing it. Of course it's always ideal to get one, but sometimes people can't afford it. That being said, here are the options:
    Typically, if you are over 3 inches of lift, you'll need an SYE. Now, that's just typical, not absolute.
    Other options are transfer case drop kits and long travel slip yokes. These typically are more of a "band-aid" than a fix and can sometimes cause more problems in the long run.

    What is death wobble? .
    You'll know it if you experience it. Death wobble is when your jeep suddenly, and violently, begins to shake back and forth. It often comes after hitting a bump, and USUALLY at higher speeds. It is truly frightening. This is not to be confused with tire shimmy, where the steering wheel gets a shake in it at certain speeds.

    What causes Death Wobble? .
    Death wobble is typically caused by
    A) Out of balance tires or out of round wheels.
    B) Loose track bar.
    C) Worn front-end joints. (tie rod ends, track bar, ball joints, etc)
    D) Bad alignment.
    E) Bad caster angle.
    F) Bad steering stabilizer.

    There are kits out there to correct the effects of high lifts, but usually it comes down to checking those 6 things.

    What causes tire shimmy? .
    Tire shimmy is typically caused by unbalanced tires or out of round wheels. If it gets bad enough it's possible for it to deteriorate into death wobble.

    What is and causes bump steer? .
    Bump-steer is the result of poor (and sometimes unavoidable) suspension geometry. The reaction is described as the vehicle steering off the intended track, on it's own (without driver input), when encountering a bump. Sometimes it is described by a driver as the vehicle needing constant direction correction whenever driving over a bump, "I hold the steering wheel straight but the vehicle steers to the right every time I hit a bump." The cause is the axle tilt, due to the tire hitting a bump, changing the length between the axle draglink mount on a spindle and the pitman arm on the steering box. During a compression bump this length is reduced and the spindle must rotate (steer) to accommodate the draglink length.

    How do I know if I have a Dana 44? .
    The Dana 44 rear cover has a threaded steel fill plug that is removed with a 3/8" drive ratchet. Late model dana 35's have a rubber fill plug that you pry off with a screwdriver, early models (YJ) may have a fill plug like the 44's.

    Common Abbreviations

    AT = Automatic Transmission OR All-Terrain
    MT = Manual Transmission OR Mud-Terrain
    TC = Transfer Case OR Torque Converter
    SYE= Slip Yoke Eliminator (also called a fixed-yoke conversion or a short shaft kit)
    SA = Solid Axle
    SFA= Solid Front Axle
    SRA= Solid Rear Axle
    CA = Control Arm
    LCA= Lower Control Arm
    UCA= Upper Control Arm
    IFS= Independent Front Suspension
    IRS= Independent Rear Suspension
    SOA= Spring Over Axle
    SUA= Spring Under Axle
    BPE= Bar Pin Eliminator
    DPA= Drop Pitman Arm
    ECU= Engine Control Unit
    TCU= Transmission Control Unit
    TB = Throttle Body
    FI = Fuel Injection
    MPI= Multi-Port fuel Injection
    TPS= Throttle Position Sensor
    IAS= Idle Air Stepper motor
    CPS= Crankshaft Position Sensor
    MAP= Manifold Absolute Pressure(sensor)
    O2 = Oxygen (sensor)
    NSS= Neutral Safety Switch (sometimes called Neutral Start Switch)
    CCV= Crank Case Vent
    PCV= Positive Case Vent
    BB= Budget Boost (typically refering to a 2" or less spring (or coil spacer) lift priced at or below about $200).

    This was stolen from JU

    thought it would be helpful here!
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    maybe make this a sticky?
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    My gauges quit and my airbag light came on.
    This is a common problem on early TJ's. You will find a good fix here

    Good fix where?? my buddy has this all the time he honks his horn and it all comes back ticks off the people in front of him
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    Originally posted by blueguy

    Greetings! Jeep Madness no longer exists as
    DaimlerChrysler has decided it violated their trademark.

    R.I.P. 1997-2004

    Another one bites the dust!

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    Take out your airbag fuses, and the gauges will work all the time, however the airbag light will stay on. Otherwise, I used to just pound on my dash.

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    Re: FAQ Technical

    How do I know if I have a Dana 44? .
    The Dana 44 rear cover has a threaded steel fill plug that is removed with a 3/8" drive ratchet. Late model dana 35's have a rubber fill plug that you pry off with a screwdriver, early models (YJ) may have a fill plug like the 44's.

    My rear diff has a rubber fill plug..
    My front diff has a drive ratchet steel plug..

    What kinda axle is on my front? I doubt its a dana 44. Dana 30 probably eh

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    Use this article to fix BLOW BY....

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    A much better way of telling what Dana diff you have...

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    Just a little something I did for parts identification. Go onto Acme Jeep, and order there free catalog. In it it has all the axel break downs that came with jeeps, transfercase identifications, and transmition identifications, and nice break down parts listings. Its like getting a free repair manual practically. The diagrams are great for seeing jst what parts are there before attempting a disasembly. Just my 2 cents, for some free parts brek downs.

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