SO.. me and a buddy went wheeling late last night in Breslau..

At the Greenhouse Dr. entrance to the breslau trails, there was a totally destroyed TJ parked infront of the inclined entrance.

Normally, it wouldnt worry me if there were guys on the trails.. however, there was no one to be found in the area, and the cluster was ripped open on the jeep, along with a huge amount of booze everywhere.

I noticed the following wrong with the rig:

- Bent Steering Shaft
- Front Axle Drivers Side U-Joint smashed
- Passenger Side Fender smashed in
- Cluster (part underneath the steering wheel) ripped open
- Rear Passenger Side of the axles bent outwards, ripping off the driveshaft, coil spring, shock and track bar
- Winch cable destroyed

I have never seen (besides a highway or high speed accident) so much damage on a built jeep, well at least not all on the same rig, at the same time.

Winch cable was totally ripped out and damaged, not even reeled back up..

Which makes me think, that the rig was stolen.

My next post will include pics.