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Thread: Removing brake flange on CC14bolt?

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    Removing brake flange on CC14bolt?

    Id like to remove the rear half of the OE brake flange that currently is mounted on the axle tube so that i can properly mount my lower shock mount and give me the clearance i need..

    Are there any concerns on doing this? Will it weaken the axle?


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    Assuming this CC axle is a DRW, the flange is way inboard on the tube and is not close to where the spindle is welded to the tube.

    Have at it....
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    There needs to be a new thread category added to jeepking " ASK CTD NUT " Lol
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    HaHa True!

    I can see it now:
    Dear Mr CTD NUT
    My Cummins/14bolt/D60/whatever is acting funny/broken/need to be stronger. What should I do?
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