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Thread: U.S. Wheeling Fatality

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    U.S. Wheeling Fatality

    I have copied this from Pirate.

    A sad reminder that seatbelts should be used on road, off road and on obstacles. This just happened and was a few friends out wheeling to remember a fellow wheeler who also was killed out wheeling without the use of a seat belt.

    Hey Guys I wanted to share a story of what happen to a good friend(Gabe Gardner of Seneca ,SC) of mine at Harlan this Thursday night. Hoping this story will save a life, and hoping we can help his Wife.

    I have to start this story by telling you about Alex Ragsdale a 4 wheeling friend that lost his life in a truck accident(June 2010) where a seat belt may have saved his life. Alex was Gabe's best friend and Gabe threw Alex's ashes off the cliff at the begging of the Mason Jar trail in Harlan KY. So knowing this, Harlan was a special place for our group of friends and to Gabe!

    This weekend Gabe, Nick, and Scotty went to go riding at Harlan this weekend. They got to Harlen camping on the Putney side. The first thing planned was to Head to Mason Jar to pay respects to Alex aka SkinneyPedal, but there was another cool thing going to happen at Mason Jar this time too. Nick, Gabe's best friend asked his GF Miranda to marry him, of course she said YES! So the weekend was off to a great start. Later that day they wound up at Lower Rockgarden, it was getting late so they were going to head back to camp seeing they were so close to Evarts side Gabe decided to get some ice for the next day in Evarts. The other 2 guys just headed back to camp while Gabe and Heather( his Wife) went to the store. They got the ice and Gabe let Heather drive the Jeep back to the Putney side on the way back Heather told Gabe the jeep was driving funny, they swapped seats. Heather put her seat belt on Gabe did not. Gabe headed back to camp when the jeep went off the mountain(turns out the panhard mount broke off the unibody), Heather said it rolled about 3 times, then came to rest on a lower trail. The jeep was on its side and on Gabes leg but he got out from under the jeep and leaned on the cage while Heather was getting out of the jeep. He kept saying he was so sorry, and they talked for about 1 min or 2 then he passed out, Heather called for help and other friends arrived and started CPR. He was not going to make it, his body started swelling immediately; they did CPR the whole time till he got to the ambulance. He was pronounced dead on the scene though. He leaves behind his Wife who was 2 months pregnant, and we can only imagine what she is going though at a time like this. Heather and the Baby were physically okay in the accident.

    Also I wanted to mention the towing company that got the jeep. They had to work about 4 hrs getting it back up the mountain. Our friends drove up there to get the jeep and called the tow company, he said it would be at least 200 just to cover fuel and labor. When our friends got there and told the owner the story and that his pregnant wife was in the jeep the owner said that he did not want any money. He told our friends to give the money to Gabes wife. The name of the tow company was Alan's Towing in Harlan, KY. Just wanted to give them a big thanks!

    We are setting up an account for Heather and the baby at a local BB&T. If anyone wants to donate money online they can send it to my paypal account I will cover what ever paypal charges, so if you donate 20 bucks Heather and Baby will get all 20 dollars. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. As of now the family is discussion armaments. I will update thread when arrangements are made.

    I want to also say that we need to be wearing our harnesses in our off road trucks. No matter how strong the cage is, it does no good if you are thrown out the truck. I myself when trail riding don’t wear my belts except at a big obstacles. This happen on the main gravel road! So please a least wear your lap belts just driving around!

    Pirate link,

    Play safe, wheel safe.......

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    Prayers for the family, very sad.
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    Sad to hear.

    Seat belts at all times, this proves that you never know when something is going to happen.
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    Shitty deal for sure. A lap belt would be a good minimum.

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