Ok guys here's a section just to showcase what yer working, how cool is that eh. This is for vehicle builds, not lawnmowers or picnic tables.

Just a few simple rules and guidelines to keep it rolling clean. Because there are so few anything that does not adhere to the rules will be deleted immediatly without warning and multiple offenses will cost you large.

#1 It's your thread it's your choice as to how you set it up.

#2 NO POST WHORING...PERIOD Zero Tolerance
(you are allow to provide positive feedback if you think it's cool as hell or have questions by all means.)

#3 Negative comments....these rigs are their owners lil babies, so dont spout off at the mouth sayin "Oh man that weld looks like crap", or "thats a dumb idea".

NEW RULE--#4 Only post in a thread if what you are posting is RELATIVE TO THE BUILD UP!

---Everyone learns at a different pace, so before you post learn to have some tact and diplomacy and be very careful at how u word any critique, your build thread might be next.

To the builder that owns the thread:

This is a public place and you will get comments, if you think there is a comment that is out of line report it, do NOT dispute it. If you get into an argument with somebody after choosing NOT to report it, your whole thread will disappear.

You can exchange idea's and thoughts, just no fighting or bickering about it....fair enuff??

I will leave this thread open in case others have any suggestions as to how it runs, then i will LOCK IT.