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Thread: With gas pricing projected to be $1.40/l

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    i just going to make a still in the back bush run my jeep on shine
    what can i say i got I got a jeep body and a jeep frame ,the rest is ford,chevy

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    I don't want to do that now, if the TJ sells then I'll have to do something with the JK.

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    does anyone have any info on converting a cj7 2 diesel.
    I know the isuzu c240 was offered for export in the cj, I've also looked at the isuzu 4jb1t. It has more power than the c240.
    But I can't find either of them for sale at a decent price (5000+)
    anyone have any suggestions.


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    I'm ready for the gas jump. I picked up a Honda Civic. 7ltr's per 100km's.

    go ahead jump it up too bad I can only afford to drive my 4x4's on the weekend.

    Now I only need a big fricken wing. LOL

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    I watch (and once in a blue moon, actually trade) energy futures where I work. Nymex, Brent, natural gas, heating oil, etc. Like any other commodity out there, supply and demand make the markets. Billions in new contracts every day. Yes - every DAY. But there is one other factor that most consumers in NA forget about: you don't pour light sweet crude into your car's tank. You don't pump it into your furnace nor do you start your tractor with it.

    It needs to be refined first. There hasn't been a new refinery built in NA since 1976. 11 have been closed in the past 15 years. Just 8 have been expanded. Hydro, thermal and catalytc cracking to create aromatics and lighter, upgraded products takes time, feedstocks and alot.....and I mean alot of money. It's also quite dangerous and hazerdous to the environment.

    Refinery capacity dictates about 20-27% of market fluctuation in NA. Canada is not exempt from this. It's one of the reasons why diesel is higher in price recently. 60 day contracts for JP8 (jet fuel), heating oil and gasoline are all - suprise, surprise - slighty higher than they are today. The price at the pump? Anybody's guess but the better the weather, the more people drive. The more demand for gas, the more the price goes up.

    With the US economy "cooling" and people trading Escalades and Excursions for hybrids (because Green is suddenly,, demand may actually shrink a bit. The El Nina weather pattern is also dictating a cooler summer with more rain. All of this adds up to slightly less demand. Slightly. Is that enough to soften pump prices for very long? Don't think for a minute that if it does get down to .95/L it will stay there for a while. It won't.

    Get a cheap-on-gas DD and park your bulldozer-efficient Jeep at home until you need it. Take the saved money and buy energy stocks - they pay good dividends usually
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    '03 TJ - JPGirl's (I paid for it!)
    '82 Honda ATC 200 - running and being restored

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