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Thread: CB #1 Mistake

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    Well That front bushbar is probably grounded very well to the truck frame.
    Being bolted to the truck out there in front.
    To me athetics in the truck is great Justin.
    BUt where and how the antenna installation is made on the truck is what your life could depend on and could make or break your contact.. After all the radio may work where your cell phone may not.

    If it were me looking for a really good spot to mount my radio antenna CB or ham and I had a bush bar that is where I would set up the antenna / s. If your looking /using a fiberglass antenna for your CB you should also look for a top loaded one.. They tend to work better and can be easier to tune..

    Good luck, enjoy and keep the RF flying.
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    OK. so I'm looking at getting the Cobra® 75 WX ST Remote Mount CB Radio.
    I'll be using it on the trails of course, but also as a way of listening and emergency communication on the highways and logging roads in northern ontario with truckers.

    my question is what else do I need with this radio? What should I get as far as antenna and wire and everything goes?
    Im going to mount the antenna on a bracket on the drivers tail light.

    I dont know anything about CB's. Thanks for your advise
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    Just a quick question as to mounting the antenna.... any concerns in mounting it on the tailgate stop on my '94 YJ?
    Please and thank you.
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    sounds like a good place ,but what does our expert say??
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeeper52 View Post
    sounds like a good place ,but what does our expert say??
    Consider this thread was started in 2008 and the last post was in 2009...and the fact that the "expert" has spent minimal time on the site since 2009...I would say that it is highly unlikely that the "expert" will respond.

    I am not saying the tailgate stop is a good or bad place, but it is a very common place...if you know what I'm sayin'...
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