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Thread: 04 Malibu, compatible discs?

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    04 Malibu, compatible discs?

    So today my buddy comes over and we tear into his brakes.
    We goto Canadian Tire to pick up new discs, none there, call another, they say yes. We get there and they don't have them. 30 minute drive to get there, so we were none to happy with them.
    The first store is closed, and they said before hand it would take a day to order them in. However we need to get it up and rolling tomorrow, as he leaves for 2 days and the wife needs it for getting around with the little one.
    Does anyone know if the discs from other rides (Alero, GrandAm etc etc) are swappable. We are going to call around tomorrow, but on the off chance NAPA or others don't have them, can we use something else?

    Its an 04, 3.5L V6.


    Just realized, when we went to the second CT, I asked for "Brake Rotors", then the lady said they had none in stock and no part # for them, which made no sense at the time. We told her we had called and was told they had them in stock... thinking back, I would guess she put in rotor for the dist, which of course would not come up being a dist'less engine. Dang, I should have said discs, less confusion... dang it.
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    Nope malibu will only work on malibu in '04.

    If it was an '03 (older style) that Idea would have worked. But the rotors are the same part number so you still would have been up shit creek.

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