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Thread: CJ-7 NP435 mod

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    CJ-7 NP435 mod

    For anyone interested, I recently finished installing an NP 435 in my CJ. Cool mod and fairly easy to do if you don’t mind taking standard trannys apart.

    I ordered the t-case adapter kit from Novak along with a tranny mount. A clutch disc from an earlier CJ with a three speed T150 tranny has the right spline, which I got from Collins Bros. in Texas. The tranny I picked up at a junkyard near Maniwaki. It was in excellent condition and needed nothing other than new seals and gaskets, and of course the Novak kit output shaft. The crossmember/skidplate needed to be cut a bit to clear the much deeper NP435, and slightly relocated about an inch forward to accommodate the overall shorter NP435/novak kit assy. (the original T-5 was actually an inch or so longer than the NP435 with the adapter installed). The driveshafts actually fit better after the mod due to the 1 inch shorter transmission assy. And oh yah, I had to get a new tranny cover from Body Armor Ltd. The new cover had no hole for the transmission shifter, to accomodate the entirely different floor penetration location of the shifter tower on the NP 435, ... almost near the front of the tunnel opening vs the T-5 which came through near the back of the tunnel opening.

    I haven’t driven it much yet, just around the block a few times the day after the big snow (on unsalted streets only). It effectively changes the Jeep to a road use 3 speed with a really nice low granny. It changes my crawl from around 42:1 with the T-4, to 72:1 with the NP435. First gear is completely unnecessary on the road, so I can hardly wait to try it on the trail.

    The total cost:
    Used tranny $300
    Novak Kit with odds and ends $630
    Clutch disc $60
    Paint, sandblasting sand and chemicals $30
    Labour ... priceless

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
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