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Thread: Goodbye Kenny RIP

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    Goodbye Kenny RIP

    Some in the Oshawa area that are very old school might have had the fortune to know him....alot not so much

    He was the owner operator of his small business back in the late 80's early 90's called KP Driveline
    He and afew others started and ran and sponcored a short lived mud racing circut back then...he loved playin in the Mud....had a couple of HUGE mud trucks runnin 44s and bigger...(gonna see if I can dig up some old pictures soon and scan them)
    He was my wifes favorite cousin and a very good honest guy that would have done anything for friends and family...
    He had had many medical issues these past few year and also suffered from depression(but he was winning that battle)....
    Unfortunately Kenny was found this morning after people hadn't heard from him in a couple days...even though his spirit was strong his body was not and he apperantely fell asleep with his dogs on his couch in the living room of his house and never woke up again.....

    To you Kenny Prindle I wish you endless muddy fields for you to wheel in in the great the "man code" he who dies with the most toys my friend have won.....I will shed afew tears but I am solice in the fact that we will meet and wheel again together someday....

    Till then......
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    Much love Kenny, peace Brother.
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    At least he went peacefully. Sounds like a great guy, RIP

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