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    82 jeep cj7

    problem is rear end is turning up words,making the universal straps break.does this happen with your jeep,I must have to make or buy new stonger blocks on the housing,then weld them in,the wedges that are between the pipes and spring are forword,should the be the other way.
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    Is this a different question than this? Why the double post, you got useful replies the first time, considering the description you gave. You can lead a horse to water.....
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    Sounds like spun axle tubes. 'Blocks on the housing'? You wouldn't be running spring over with lift blocks would you? Not judging, but there are alot of issues with that on short rigs.

    Also, like jeepthrill85 says, double posts just get people ignoring you. If you want to bring the thread back to the top, just post ttt in the subject.

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