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Thread: New Motor Can't Start - Wiring? 86 CJ7

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    New Motor Can't Start - Wiring? 86 CJ7

    OK...i just finished installing my rebuilt inline 6...bored out and ported. I wanted to eliminate as much of the mess of wires as possible. So, with the help of a couple buddies we attempted to re-wire it and eliminate the computer (processor...whatever it is has about 30 wires coming out of it).

    Once we completed the wiring based on a hypbrid of my 86 wiring diagram and the 83 diagram the result is that when i turn it over i am getting spark and the engine is firing, however, it will not sustain soon as i let go of the key it will not won't only fires during ignition.
    What are we missing? Does anyone have a wiring diagram that i can use to get this going? I want it to be as simple as possible.

    We made sure that fuel is not the is getting gas.

    Currently I am using the stock distributor, coil and ignition module.

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sounds like you have power during crank, but not during run. Your missing a wire somewhere. You can try this to make sure its the problem.

    Hook up a remote wire to the starter solenoid ( disconnect the old one)that you can use to activate the starter. Have someone hold the key to the start position and then use your remote wire to activate the starter to start it. If it stays running than you do not have power to run, only power to crank. It will let you know where to start looking.

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