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Thread: finally done, bumper.

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    finally done, bumper.

    stock with ends cut off, el cheapo's from C Tire.

    but that wasn't cutting it, so needed new, tough, and cheap. so I bought this off a good buddy a few years ago. C channel, frame tie ins, offered protection and was not stock.

    this light bar got the lights off the bumper and set back so they were protected a bit...

    but I wanted a proper tube to keeps things away from them, $500 would be hard to explain to the wife a second time around. I also cut some off the bottom, angled it back and added some side protection, much prettier looking... still no recovery.

    finally got the shackle mounts on, and thanks to Duncan cleared some room for a 10k Titan Winch

    the winch is mounted to a plate welded to the frame tie ins and bolted to the front crossmember too, plenty strong as tested this past weekend thanks to letting a buddy drive for 5 minutes.

    oh, the kegs in the background... they were tapped around noon and were dry by midnight Saturday of Canada Day weekend. Keg Fridge Kits are kick ash investments if your bashing now and than.

    we had a 170lbs of Pig on our new roaster

    plenty of roasted corn, taters, Texas mickey lasted an hour maybe and a late night run to Quebec for a few more 60pounders saved the day and the party.

    I'll add some more of the Roaster, finished. Fire was started at 1030 added briskets around 1115, pigs on by 1200 and we were filling food buckets by 1900... dang, talkin about it is bringing back some tasty memories.
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