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Thread: Looking for best place to get driveline work done.

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    ujoints- part 2

    Hey all.
    After some more investigating and tinkering. I think I have more than 1 issue with my rear u joints, I am not sure but I think I am getting an excessive amount of travel up on the rear dif, when the tires bite or I stand on it. Can anyone recommend a good shop in London to have a look at this and at the same time, they might as well replace my yoke.
    Looking for help.
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    0 sounds like you have a axle wrap problem this device is a great fix for that. extremly easy to install. save a ton of money. going to garages that dont understand about lifts and soft springs will never get it solved.

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    get chrisbuilt to build u an uber sexy anti-wrap bar, he's done a few now and they not only save ujoints they save springs.
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