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Thread: coolent gnomes in my xj?

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    lil_loco Guest

    coolent gnomes in my xj?

    Since my 99 XJ is my daily driver I post this here...

    The engine runs smooth, no odd sounds or smells or anything, even recently upgraded to stainless exhaust manifold, still needs tweaking (crappy non OEM gasket). I do get the odd exhaust smell at higher speeds/revs (2500rpms) every now and then probably because the rest of the exhaust needs to be redone (all original 1999). Replaced the rad and hoses in the last 6mos.

    But no matter what I do the coolent is disappearing, no signs or burning or leaking anywhere... its as though the underwear gnomes expanded their operations to engine fluids. I have put in that stop leak additive stuff and it didnt work. When I bought the truck virgin-stock (never been off pavement) it had this problem which is why I replaced the rad (there was a leak).

    I dont mind topping up the fluid every week or two but if anyone knows where it is going that would be great!

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    Something I have run into that seems to be a problem on 98-2001 4.0s is the frost plug at the rear of the block. Usually seeps slowly and the heat from the convertor cooks it away. Leaving a pressure tester on a cold engine overnight will sometimes show the leak at the bottom of the bellhousing. Funny thing is I recently bought a 99 XJ for the wife and it has the same problem you describe. I will update you when I solve the problem on mine.

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    lil_loco Guest
    ill look into that part in the meanwhile... look forward to your findings

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    I had an S-dime that did that. Coolant mysteriously went away - never saw a leak, never saw it in the crankcase... Did it when it was new, did it when it was old. Never changed. I just added a bit every two weeks or so.

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    Head gasket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grinthock View Post
    Head gasket.
    I agree. Maybe try pressure testing the system. Sometimes you can get a pressure tester cheap if you can't borrow one. If you don't see anything then you know it's a head gasket.
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    lil_loco Guest
    I have heard about crackes in the head... was hoping it wasnt true... now I fear its right because when I start her up in the am like today when the engine is nice and cold she girgles and the oil pressure revs up like my tach, I cant make it up the hill without worry... and its uphill BOTH ways here! (your gramps wasnt lying)

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