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Thread: jeep liberty?s

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    tahoe or yukon, good mileage & lots of room
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    Jeeplvr Guest
    I would totally second the Xterra over the Libby, had one, fun SUV if you are single and haul nothing with you. But is those kids come with sports gear and a friend you will regret the libby, not to mention you may want to take out a small loan to keep it filled with petrol.

    My recent experience at Nissan was amazing!

    Plus in this market do you really want to chance buying one of the big three?
    My personal opinion of course.

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    I have an 06 liberty with 57000km on in. I have only had one small problem so far (the glass slid down in the rear door and became disengaged from anything) It was covered under warranty though. No other problems and sure as hell beats my F150 V8 on gas.

    Also, I am quite impressed with what it can do in the snow. We got hit with a blizzard and got 50cm in 24 hours. I had to go to work at 7 am when there was already 30cm on the ground and my street had not been plowed since snow started falling. It got my down my street and to work. I was one of the very few who actually got there (and one of the only on unplowed roads.

    front walkway that morning

    parking lot (thats normally packed)

    work doors

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    jplvr, are you comparing the mileage of a KJ vs an 09 xterra?

    i have an '03 liberty right now but i'll need a new SUV within the next few years. we don't have any kids yet so maybe a larger SUV would be good for me.
    i just checked new 09 liberty vs an xterra and the xterra is larger, engine has more HP, and weights more. thus it has worse gas mileage than the liberty. they both tow 5000lbs BUT the xterra's msrp is ~$4000 more! i compared an '09 liberty limited vs and '09 nissan xterra off-road automatic. if someone asked me before i checked this out online i would have guessed the opposite, that the jeep would be larger, heavier and worse on milage.

    i know the original post question was about a KJ but with the dealers offering large discounts it might be good to buy brand new and pay more but get a great deal.

    i think in most cases there is no magical design but rather the heavier, larger, more HP vehicle has worse mileage and this is the xterra. perhaps nissans are built better and you get better service etc but if you save $4000 when buying the liberty and they both have the same warranty why not get the liberty if you don't need the extra space. i would have to actually look at them now to see exactly how much more space the xterra has to see if it i could justify paying more for it along with more gas each week. i was kinda led to believe by everyone over the years that the xterra would be better than the jeep but it doesn't appear so for the '09s.

    too bad i'm sure people who don't research will go buy an exterra over a liberty thinking they are saving money on gas - just like i was thinking up till now. if the exterra has 7 seats and you have 2 kids then it would be very helpful which is what i might need one day.
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    Jeeplvr Guest
    I had an 04 Libby and my Dakota v8 was better on gas, so was my 07 JK...

    the resale value on the Nissan alone is worth the gas savings.

    I have not done the comps on the 09's but after purchasing new the last time and loosing 10K by driving off the lot I will never buy new again.

    That being said... the Libby is a fun little toy but if you have any cargo that you want to haul with it and two kids and two adults the Nissan is the way to go... more space and roof racks included. The Libby still requires cross members for the racks. IF you are not going to wheel the libby then comfort I am guessing is a factor and the Libby doesn't even play in the same comfort category as the Nissan.

    I am guessing that if you are thinking SUV then gas mileage is not your determining factor.

    I am clearly jaded against DC products and will never buy another one again... bottom line is... You get what you pay for and Nissan is not begging for tax payer bail out money for reasons that are obvious... Chrysler is... you do the math.

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