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Thread: 1988.5 suzuki

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    1988.5 suzuki

    Well i know that this is not a jeep but there are still some people on here who like jeeps but prefer to own another make of vehicle.

    I picked this up from a former jeepkings member back in July of 2008. My intensions at the time were to do a little bit of mods and get it out on the trails. it came with the stock drive train in it and stock axles. It also came with a pony motor and tranny. My original plan was to drop in the pony motor (suposidly had 90hp) and put some 34" tires on it and go from there. After some investigations and knowing my driving habbits (lead foot) i found that the stock sammi axles will not withstand to that size of tire or my right foot. It already had a lift put in it it just needed a few adjustments. So we thought about putting in larger axles. Mabey some toys, 3/4 ton chevys something that would handle any tire up to 38". But then we got thinking about that little motor under the hood and how it wont really like those bigger tires and larger axles.

    The final rough idea that we came up with is a chevy 350 th350 np 205, toyota axles, and 38's

    With the added everything a cage needed to be added for saftey and my parents approval.

    I originally wanted it to be a three seater but with the already confined space it was ruled out and then it become a 2 seater.

    so here are some of the mods that are done and are going to be done

    6 point roll cage
    custom bumpers
    9000 pound winch
    fuel cell
    rad in the back
    dual batteries under the dash
    custom dash
    most of the frame to be cut out and re-done
    rock sliders

    etc. you get the picture

    so far this is where i am at in the build

    cage is almost done
    front axle is in and mocked up
    motor is in
    tranny is mocked
    found a t-case but its the wrong one(damn people who cant read)
    i have the seats harnesess and fuel cell but all need to be mocked and finalized
    the rear axle is mocked up but i need rear leafs to do the final

    all of this was done in my garage by myself or my dad
    i think that it is pretty good for me only being 17

    pics are here

    this is what i am looking for
    deviorced np 205
    front toyota leafs or something aroud 46-48 inches long (eye-eye)

    1990 Cherokee 2dr, 38's, toyota axles, 488's, welded front and rear, D300, Square driveshafts, Riding on leaves.

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    Thats gonna be one sweet and powerful Sami!! Nice job!!

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    look into yj front springs. nice and flexy. i had em in my old 85 4runner. they are a little wider, but worked well.good build so far. keep up the pics.
    currently building a toyota. i'm sorry.

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    greet job the cage looks excelent!

    do some reserch on the springs it is going to be realy unpredictable with your current setup.
    you should cut the shackles in half and lower the fixed bracket. your going to want the axle to travel up and down your current setup will have the axle movint forwards and back with spring compresion.
    in a perfect world the springs mounting points should be level with each other.

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