View Poll Results: Does your JK hardtop leak like a sieve

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  • Yes, it's effin Niagara Falls in there

    4 16.67%
  • Only in heavy rain, or the car wash

    7 29.17%
  • Nope, dry so far

    8 33.33%
  • Who needs a hard top? Wussy!

    5 20.83%
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Thread: Does your JK leak like a sieve?

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    It takes a little time & care to put on any hard or soft top.
    Or..... #2 take out the carpet, pull the plugs and get waterproof seats. Who needs a top anyways?
    Never had a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rando View Post
    leaked once... but it was weird... came in through the bottom of the doors... never had it happen again

    i am happy
    I've played that game once as well..... it's amazing what water half way up the doors will do to those seals!
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    My top doesnt leak but when it gets windy my hood goes ****ing crazy.Looks like it will come off.I am going to put a hood lock.Just in case...
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    So far so good no leaks, haven't had the soft top on it yet.
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    My scrambler didnt leak with a full soft top doin 70mph away from a hurricane, was windy as fawk. Proves u both wrong.

    So whuts yer point....shaddap...both of ya already...seriously, go meet in a back alley and beat the shit out of each other, stop sproutin yer feuds in every thread u both wish to post in.
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    My parents haven't had any complaints on their 08 Sahara Unlimited (with the hardtop anyway, haven't put the soft-top on yet.) And I have driven it very, very little but didn't notice the hood moving around at all.

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    Haven't had a problem with it leaking, only when its pouring rain and i open my door there is a little stream that runs off both tops that i have to try to avoid while getting in, but it doesn't leak in when the door is shut, but mine is an 08. Don't care how much it cost, I love it.

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    The jeep thing isn't for everyone. Should have bought a cherokee or grand cherokee or liberty (gen 2) More what appeals to women, famillies, and main stream folk.[/QUOTE]


    Chris owns a CJ as you know and his CJ with the poor fitting soft doors and a bikini top leaked less in the rain than my JK

    and yes I am a woman, and yes I bought a JK and yes I loved it!
    But quite frankly the amount that it leaked was unacceptable for any vehicle.

    Just because it's a Jeep thing doesn't make it right in this day and age with the amount that these engineers and Chrysler workers are making in a year!

    If the quality continues to be this poor then their wages should reflect that.

    Clearly it was a MAJOR issue in the 07's and early 08's and it seems to be getting better with the later 08's and 09's but at no point is it ever ok for a Brand NEW Under Warranty vehicle to leak like a tap!

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    shaddap...both of ya already...seriously, go meet in a back alley and beat the shit out of each other, stop sproutin yer feuds in every thread u both wish to post in.[/QUOTE]

    X2 with Mayhem's comment between brutus/jeepluver/chrisbuilt

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