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Thread: Nitto Mud Grapplers

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    Nitto Mud Grapplers

    Well I've been running my Nittos for almost 2 years now and dont have a single complaint about them, they seem to wear evenly and slowly, I have close to 20000km on mine and they still look new. The tires grip well and are amaxing when aired down, though untill they are broken in a bit it takes alot to get a bulge in the side wall. When I first got them I aired them to 12 psi and you could barely see they were aired down, but gripped amazingly.

    They handle the roads very well in summer and winter, but I wouldnt recomend alot of highway driving in the snow. They have some siping to them and if you remember what your driving on you'll be fine but definatly not compareable t an at or snow tire.

    They are LOUD very loud, and feels like the stop strips when coming to a stop.

    These tires are also very heavy, but super strong, each tire weighed in at 70lbs each without rims.

    All in all I will buy again if the funding is there best tire ive ever had.
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    I remember when you bought them, and I was a bit aghast at the cost - but they have apparently served you well. And lots of Kms on them. I can't say the same about some of the tires I have blown thru.

    Thanks for the update. I just might add these tires into my wish list.

    Nice to see guys follow thru on their reviews...

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