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Thread: My '78CJ gets some attention!

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    My '78CJ gets some attention!

    The time has come, I'm finally getting to it. I got my truck a couple of years ago from a family member that was moving away. Ya, it needed some work.... ya it's older than my now wife, but hey.. IT'S A JEEP.
    I've taken it out to beat it up in the bush a few times, but we limped home from Bobcaygeon with a FWD (rear driveshaft....twisted) a year ago, and it never moved since.

    I am cleaning it up, doing some minor upgrades but mostly doing it on a budget. I'll try updating, but to be honest it will probably be when I have questions,I am a novice mechanic as well. I found the site shortly after getting the truck and have found it to be hugely useful.... Cheers to the people behind the scenes!!

    Here are a few pics of how I got it, and what state its in today, oh ohhhh...

    here goes..
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    Nice to see another cj build. I too am building a cj as a noob. Ask questions, people here are always willing to help. good luck
    84 CJ7

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    Hey fellas everyones a noob in the beginning.It's only important to learn on a jeep
    Good luck on your projects

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    Nice to see some cj's coming back together! I've built mine 3 times from the ground up now, so if I can help answer any questions, shoot me a PM and I'll do my best.

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