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Thread: Gas tank swap.

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    Gas tank swap.

    Well previous owner had smashed the skid plate somehow and it pinch against the gas tank allowing mud and whatever to buildup in the between the two.

    So obviously my tank rotted out.

    bought all the parts and did the swap today.

    Also did my wheel bearings, front rotors, and pads.

    Didnt get any shots of the swap in progress.

    next week is rockers and ball joints.

    while i was at it i re coated my rear bumper and re coated my skid plate with bed liner

    Here are some pics.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC08755.jpg   DSC08756.jpg   DSC08757.jpg   DSC08758.jpg   DSC08759.jpg  

    DSC08760.jpg   DSC08761.jpg  
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